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      Welcome to the BPP Students’ Association!

Launched in September 2011, the Students’ Association has been designed and created by students across all sites.

In the following pages you will find information about how to get involved with the Association, what its objectives are, details of events running at your site and local discounts as part of our Student Advantage Scheme.

About Us

We are the newly formed Students’ Union of BPP University.

Founded in 2011 after a year’s worth of consultation and design by students, BPP’s Academic Council ratified our Charter and Regulations to formally create BPP Students’ Association.

The Association is home to around 6000 students across all 7 cities around the UK where BPP has a University study centre.

Every student of BPP University automatically becomes a member of the Students’ Association on joining the institution.

Your Association will provide:
  1. An independent voice for BPP University students and to work closely with the institution to put students at the heart of everything BPP University does;
  2. Information, support and guidance to students about their academic and personal life during their programme of study;
  3. Academic, cultural, social and professional enrichment through the development of clubs/societies/events/initiatives;
  4. Awareness and enhancement of students’ employability.

How we work:
The Association is managed by The Student Engagement Officers (who are they?) in close collaboration with the President of Students, Morsal Sherzad.

Every study centre has its own Centre President every year, who is responsible for promoting the Association at their site and championing the student voice internally.

Each BPP study centre shall:
  • Form a social events committee that is comprised of students on all courses. It aims to organise events for that centre;
  • Call a termly Branch Meeting as a forum to gain feedback and new ideas;
  • Hold a National Students’ Council meeting to give BPP University students a platform for discussion.

The Association facilitates the development of clubs and societies at BPP and helps affiliated societies run in accordance with, and get the most out of, the Students’ Association.

Clubs and societies are able to apply to the Association for small amounts of funding to organise events.

Please visit this site regularly to access any new or updated information.

For information on the Charter and Regulations of the BPP Students' Association please download this link.

Watch our video for an overview