Debating Society Workshop

Mon 08 March 2021 13:00-14:00


Join the Debating Society for a variety of workshops! See what this week's topic is below!

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1st Feb: 'In this freshers' workshop, you will learn about the basic rules, terminologies, equity and other things about British parliamentary debating. You will also have the opportunity to debate on a motion.'

8th Feb: For the second workshop, that would be: 'You will learn more about the roles of the four debate positions (OG/OO/CG/CO). You will also debate on a motion.'

15th Feb: 'You will learn how to structure a debate speech during your prep time and how to effectively analyse an argument.'

22nd Feb: 'This session will cover some techniques on how to make extensions if you are the closing bench. You will also learn how to write a whip speech.'

1st March: 'You will learn how university debate competitions run and what it is like to judge British parliamentary debates.'

8th March: 'This session will cover some advanced techniques in terms of points comparison. We will also discuss debates that require a world comparison.'

15th March: 'You will learn more about points of information and confidence in debates. You will learn how to use points of information tactically to boost your chance of winning a debate.'

22nd March: 'We will cover in more details about advanced techniques for making debate extensions. You will also learn how to utilise your prep time more effectively.'

29th March: 'Our last session will discuss techniques on how to tackle more complex and advanced motions, including actor and regrets motions.'

Debating Society Workshop