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BPP University has two student-run publications: Legal InCite and Business Brief. The publications are run entirely by students at both schools. Each contains topical articles about areas of legal or business practice.

The publications have not been published in a while but they are returning, the publications will be sent to over 12,000 students, 400 firms and chambers, 60 universities and 100 commercial partners.

All articles will be accepted, and published on The editorial team will then select the best articles to be included in the printed copies. Both publications are printed twice a year, one in Spring and one in Summer.  

Write for the next issue:

You can submit an article now for the next edition of Business Brief or Legal Incite. Publishing an article is a great way to demonstrate to future employers that you have an in-depth knowledge of an area of business or law. It also gives you the opportunity to develop your research skills, analytical thinking and written communication skills.

If you want more information on submiting an article, please click here

We are constantly accepting articles, sometimes deadlines are imposed, but now is a good time for you to get ahead and get yours in!

Additionally there are a range of cash prizes to be won for winning articles - the the Senior Editor of each publication selecting one article each to win £250, one article each to win £100 and three articles each to win £50.

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