Environmental Focus Group


Focus Group with Students to capture views on the Environment



  1. To ensure that student ideas and concerns are considered in BPP-wide environmental initiatives 
  2. To plot the extent of student engagement in issues surrounding the environment 
  3. To gauge the extent to which the student body agrees with the statement, “BPP is concerned about the environment” 
  4. To develop ways in which to communicate campaigns effectively with students 


Launching a new campaign to cut back on plastic cups on site.


Student feedback: 


  • “People don’t bring own water bottles”. It’s an issue of “awareness” – people “don’t think about it”. “We should start with plastic cups” and “reusable cups”.
  • Students may have hygiene concerns, so it is appropriate for them to have their own water vessel. 
  • “Very nice to encourage students to have personal cups” and “encourage to use reusable cups, to sustain the environment” – but should be a gradual process that encourages better habits. Posters to be set up on noticeboards and right by each water cooler. 
  • World Earth Day is on the 22nd April – a good moment to launch a campaign / get momentum. 
  • Keep Cups have gained attention in Bristol. Potential to roll out.  
  • Bring in waste segregation, using schemes like those used by local councils, together with pamphlets. Bring awareness of the harm we are causing.  
  • We are looking at bringing in compartmentalised recycling at our centres, and are working to ambitious targets in this respect. 
  • BPP Bristol: plastic knives and forks are easily available in the common room. Could these be replaced with a campaign to BYOC (bring your own cutlery), or replaced with more sustainable materials – like bamboo or avocado seeds.
  • Speakers to promote environmental ideas – e.g. Local Borough Council and Green Party talks, 
  • Environmental Consciousness Society to drive outreach in Bristol. 
  • Go Green posters could be used to encourage sustainability at centres. 
  • The NUS Green Impact Scheme may be of interest to students eager to make a greater impact. 
  • The Environmental Law Foundation to be contacted
  • Facilities Team working on improved recycling. AC to explore alternatives to plastic cutlery in common areas. 
  • Students appreciate the inclusion of environmental reporting within their respective courses e.g. Corporate Reporting & Analysis module elaborates the strengthening of stakeholder relations through self-regulation minimising risk of intervention. Additionally, in the Law School, students recognised learning opportunities with the key principles and practice of environmental law incorporating recent legislation and judicial decisions.
  • "Students requested speakers from Renewable Energy Law - TLT and Burges Salmon do this. TLT ran a 'clean energy' event but it was open to BAME but there was so much interest in this at our Bristol campus so would be amazing to make this event bigger. Green Councillor - Cleo Lake (Bristol) Speakers from Greenpeace - Ed.Fuller@greenpeace.org "
  • Promotional booklets and the student life booklet should be sent via email instead of printing as most students prefer it this way and for example if they are featured in it they can keep a copy electronically. 
  • Paper cups should be used instead of plastic. 
  • Adding flowers, plants and perhaps vegetable plants on campus to promote healthy eating, going green as-well as emphasising protecting and taking care of environment would be welcomed.
  • Students are pleased to hear the Students' Association initiatives to roll out 350ml Bamboo Eco takeaway cups and reusable fruit infusers with the aim of reducing single-use cutlery/cups are within our university