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Registry News – October 2021

Registry News – October 2021

Welcome to new students!

The Registry team would like to highlight a few points you should be aware of at this stage in your studies.


ID Cards – get yours now!

ID cards are available from all centres, just ask at reception where they can be collected. Please don’t raise a query unless your card has been lost or stolen. 

Please note -  we’re unable to change photographs unless your appearance has become drastically different or there was an issue with printing… and all replacement cards will use the original photograph as supplied.  


Online exam Journey

Thousands of students have successfully done their exams online with BPP over the past year and many students have commented about how straightforward the process is.

We’ve pulled together a Journey Map so you can see the entire process… and descriptions of each stage are detailed on our Assessments Hub.


Extra time or support needed during your exams? Apply now!

If you need a learning support agreement for your exam then it needs to be in place at least one month before the exams start.  Please contact as soon as possible.