Returning to centres

While we are eager to welcome you back to study with us, to use the centre you will need to show that you have taken a COVID-19 test in the last 7 days, and it has come back negative. This is required even if you have received a vaccine. 

If you have symptoms of Covid-19

If you do have symptoms you should go to or call 119 and get a test through the NHS. Do not come to site if you develop new Covid symptoms after taking your last test.

If you do not have symptoms of Covid-19

You can get a test through asymptomatic community testing programmes.

Given the distances our students travel, the Department for Education has encouraged us to use ‘home’ local authority sites as a first choice.

Several local authorities have asymptomatic testing centres. Find out if the area where you live offers rapid lateral flow test sites at

If you are unable to book a test through your local authority, here are some other local options:


  • What happens if my result is positive?
  • What support can BPP offer me through self-isolation?
  • I take lateral flow tests at home. Can I use these? 
  • I have recently recovered from COVID, and am getting false positives from Lateral Flow Tests. Can I still come to centre?
  • I have been vaccinated, do I still need a test?
    • Yes. Until we know more about how vaccines work, we are asking that you take a Covid-19 test before coming to centre