Chinese Students and Scholars Association - London

The purpose of CSSA is to support its members on the pursuit of academic and social achievements at BPP University, and to promote the Chinese culture to the rest of BPP community.

Our Aims are:

Provide practical advice and free service to all Chinese students studying in BPP University.

(tips about in how to study in BPP university, how to live in London)

Actively promote the diverse society activities and cultural events in BPP University to the Chinese members of the association; to help them to take full advantage of the international environment and the diversity of interests in the university, and at the same time encourage them to also use their unique backgrounds to contribute to cultural life in the university.

Arrange regular activities offer to introduce elements of British culture to our Chinese members.

Arrange regular activities offer to introduce elements of Chinese culture and language to our non-Chinese members.

Organize celebration or recreational events for special dates such as the Chinese New Year, the start and end of the terms and other holidayOccasionally invite established Chinese scholars to give a talk in BPP University, for the benefit of our members.

Help to maintain alumni ties for the university inside China.

If you would like to join this society please email the President Yu Chen on -