Learning Support

We encourage all students to disclose their additional needs. These can include dyslexia, dyspraxia, mental health conditions, chronic health conditions, sensory impairments, Autism Spectrum Condition and physical disabilities, amongst others. We also support students with short term conditions, such as pregnancy and temporary medical conditions. Students should disclose their additional needs as soon as possible, including during the application, registration and induction phases.

To discuss the support available, please see the below contacts:

General enquiries – LearningSupport@bpp.com

Nicholas Glossop  Head of Service  National  NicholasGlossop@bpp.com 07785 629230 
LS Inbox  Disability, Mental- Health, Health  All sites  LearningSupport@bpp.com NA 
Inclusion Inbox  Equality and Diversity  All Sites  Inclusion@bpp.com 0330 060 3342 
Christina Lambi  Inclusion Officer  All Sites  ChristinaLambi@bpp.com 0330 060 3342 
Alisha ban  Disability Advisor  FW House, Shepherd’s Bush, Bristol, Apprentices  AlishBan@bpp.com 07500 909452
Christopher Wilson  Disability Advisor  Waterloo  ChristopherWilson@bpp.com 0207 6334751 
Sharon Godfrey  Disability Advisor  Waterloo  SharonGodfrey@bpp.com 0207 6334711 
Jason Leeming  Disability Advisor  Manchester/Leeds  JasonLeeming@bpp.com 0161 2446485 
Alisha Ban  Disability Advisor  Birmingham, Cambridge, Abingdon  AlishaBan@bpp.com 07500 909452
Cameron Smillie  Disability Advisor  Holborn  CameronSmillie@bpp.com 0207 4308127 
Esme Boniface  Safeguarding Lead  All sites  safeguarding@bpp.com 074 64 54 26 36 
Sara Jane Compson  Snr Safeguarding & App Engage Officer  All sites  safeguarding@bpp.com