About Us

The Independent Advice team arrived in September 2015 and came in response to the BPP University Students' Association recognising the importance of providing its' students with a service that was completely independent of the University (a requirement recognised by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator - OIA http://www.oiahe.org.uk ) 

This ensures that you can discuss any matter or issue with us and you can be absolutely confident that it will remain completely confidential.


We are also a member of            


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Here is a little more about the fantastic team we have put in place ready to help you.....

Alison Parker - Independent Education & Welfare Service Manager

Alison bases herself in the Student Association in Waterloo and covers students studying in:

Fitzwilliam House (London City)


Shepherds Bush



Iain Kinnear - Independent Education & Welfare Manager - Regions

Iain bases himself in the Student Association in Manchester and covers students studying in:







We both look forward to supporting you throughout your time as a student here at BPP.