About Us

Find out about the service we offer.
Find out about the service we offer.
The Independent Advice team arrived in September 2015 and came in response to the BPP University Students' Association recognising the importance of providing its' students with a service that was completely independent of the University (a requirement recognised by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.

This ensures that you can discuss any matter or issue with us and you can be absolutely confident that it will remain confidential within the parameters of our advice standards.

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The team are here to help you throughout your studies. The service that we provide is free, confidential and unbiased and as Independent Advisors, we are here to support you – the students!

Our main area of work is providing academic support when things don’t go to plan, ranging from offering feedback on Mitigating Circumstances or Academic Appeal applications to advising students on the Complaints procedure. We can also provide support through the Academic Misconduct process, including discussing the process and attending your hearing as an observer.

We are also responsible for administering the Students’ Association Crisis Fund which is there to support you when you are in a financial emergency.

You can get in touch with us via our contact form.

We look forward to supporting you throughout your time as a student here at BPP, to ensure it is both memorable and rewarding in helping you achieve your future career goals.


We are a member of Advice UK