Student Voice

Make your views heard!


The Student Voice is a collective term which includes all the different forms of feedback and representation at BPP University.

The Student Voice is championed by the President of the Students' Association, a former BPP University Student, whose role includes representing the student body by working with the university and a team of Student Voice representative, to enhance the student experience.


Your voice at BPP University.

At the Student Voice Away Day your National Student Council decided the current student representation system is not working.

So over the summer we will be changing it.


The National Student Council will now be formed of the President of the Students’ Association and the Vice-Presidents.
The new Vice-President role will replace the current Student Voice President role.

One Vice-President will be elected for each school at each BPP University centre.
So for example, at BPP University Birmingham, there will be three VPs elected: one for the Law School, one for the School of Health, and one for the Business School.

Their role will be to represent the students’ views as a whole during discussions at the committee meetings. The chair of these committees will invite the VP for their views on any matters arising on the agenda that has an impact on the student experience.

All the VPs will meet with the President at least three times a year, with one of those meetings being the Student Away Day.


The President will also be making recommendations to the University, on behalf of the National Student Council, on alterations to the class level representation system, the Student Staff Liaison Committee, which they are currently responsible for.


What’s been your experience of Student Representation at BPP University?

As part of this year's Annual Students’ Submission, the Students’ Associationare doing a "Review Of Academic Representation" (The BPP Student R.O.A.R.)

We will be asking for your feedback later in the summer, so if you want to get involved, follow our Twitter page, @BPPStudents. We will let you know when we want to hear you roar.