Student Voice Representation

Student Voice Representatives (SVR)


The Students' Association recruit Student Voice Representatives (SVR) each year and work directly with them on improving the student experience at BPP. The SVRs are recruited from across the various programmes to ensure a wide variety of views are considered.
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Business School Representatives:

Afaq Ahmad Khan MSc Management with Project Management
Thi Dac Nguyen

MSc Accounting and Finance (ADAF)

Mehrin Ruaid MSc Managment with Project Managment 
Ammara Imran MSc Management with Digital Marketing
Sarfaraz Khan BSc Accounting & Finance (Hons)
Timothy Mukoro MSc Management with Data Analytics


Toyyibah Hamzah Olabode

MSc Management with Data Analytics
Alija Gurung  Bsc (Hons) Accounting and Finance with Digital Business
Ashaolu Oluwatosin Abiodun MSc Management
Surakshya Kandel Bsc (Hons) Accounting and Finance with Digital Business
Omozojie Victor Ojemolon MSc Management with Data Analytics 
Lewis Ajibola Adebola MSc Management with Data Analytics
Iftaker Ahmed BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance
Namrata Sharma MSc Accounting & Finance AD3Ex

AUM Khairul Bashar Molla

MSc Manangement 


Law School:

Amy Marren L7 Solicitor Apprentice 
Daniel Scrase LLM Law & Legal Practice (LFC/LLM)
Arbaz Haider Khan


LLM International Business Law

Hafsa Arif
SQE - Solicitors Qualifying Exam
Charlie Rose Taylor Castanheira

BTC - Barrister Training Course MSc


Asha Adutwim


Legal Practice Course (Masters) (BTC/LLM)

Abdul Razzaq Law Conversion Course (LFC LCC)
Ifeouluwa Bayo - Oluyamo LLM SQE 1&2


Nursing School:

Naomi Knight Child Nursing
Jessica Dexter-Halliday Nursing Degree Apprenticeship
Phoebe Davis Adult Nursing 
Harry Cowdrey  Adult Nursing Degree Apprenticeship
Mariana Raquel Oliveira Pedro Aguiar Foundation  Nursing Degree Associate Apprenticeship 
Dhimple Patel Child Nursing

Technology School:

Jasmine Smith BSc (Hons) Digital Tech Solutions Apprentice 
Thomas Hodgson  Dig Tech Solutions Special L7


If you want to find out more about the role please email


The role of a Student Voice Representative includes:

  • To join regular focus groups put on by the Students Association and various other departments within BPP to gain valuable student feedback on a wide range of issues and services;
  • To meet with the Senior Leadership Team at BPP in townhall meetings and subject sessions;
  • To attend various BPP University Boards and Committee meetings to represent student interests;
  • To work directly with the Student Association staff on any matters arising;
  • To co-author the annual Student Written Submission and the Learner Written Submission (Apprentices) alongside the Students' Association. These documents offer recommendations and areas of good practice annually and feeds into University workstreams.