Crisis Fund

Emergency financial support.
Emergency financial support.
The BPP Student Association Crisis Fund is a limited source of financial support for students who, due to circumstances beyond their control, are in severe financial difficulties. The fund has very limited resources and any award will be modest and with the sole aim of providing short-term emergency support.  The fund is not being offered to provide ongoing or regular support to any student.

The maximum fund that will be given to students will be a cash award or vouchers of a maximum of £250 for emergency food costs at the discretion of the advisors.

The fund is not being offered to provide ongoing or regular support to any student or university degree apprentice to offer students assistance by paying their course fees. Additionally, the fund is also not able to offer financial support to students seeking to purchase technology or get reimbursed for university related costs. For example, laptops, printers or printing costs.

Applicants who have received funding from other sources are still eligible to apply, though this factor will be considered by the Association representatives in granting any award.

The Association will expect that applicants have taken all reasonable steps to ensure financial stability and have applied to secure funds through other means for example - via overdraft, family or loans, (such as student / professional loans).

Who is not eligible to apply?

  • Those who are not currently registered students of BPP University.
  • Non-degree apprentices 
  • Those who are seeking to cover long term costs (examples include technology, credit card bills, and outstanding debt).
  • Those who have other finances available to them through savings accounts or other means. 

Please also note that students are only able to receive the fund twice within a 12 month period, and we will only review a second application after a period of two months has elapsed from the original approval.

What evidence is required?

• 3 months of bank statements for all accounts available to the student up until the date of applying;

• Detailed and fully completed application form;

• Students on a Tier IV Visa seeking funds must provide evidence that they had made adequate arrangements to support themselves and pay their tuition and accommodation fees before they came to University, and that these arrangements have been affected by unforeseen circumstances, or events beyond their control;

• Evidence of any sponsorship/scholarship/bursary/grants/benefits received (including Student Finance England Award letters if eligible; and

• Any other mitigating circumstance evidence to support your application.


How to apply?

Contact our Independent Advice Team who will then email you to request the Crisis Fund Application Form, together with any supporting documentary evidence.

Once your application is submitted, together with all supporting evidence, it will be considered by the Association Representatives. 

We will endeavour to acknowledge all applications within 2 working days. A decision will be reached once all the correct information has been provided.


-Download the Crisis Fund Application here-


*Please note that ONLY applicants submitting Crisis Fund requests using the new application form will be considered. All applicants using the old application form will be asked to resubmit their request using the new form. This can be accessed via the link above.


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