Crisis Fund


The BPP Students' Association Crisis Fund is a limited source of financial support for students who, due to circumstances beyond their control, are in severe financial difficulties.

The fund has very limited resources and any grant of award will be modest and with the sole aim of providing short-term emergency support. The fund is not being offered to provide ongoing or regular support to any student. Additionally, it is not designed to enable students to start a course of study or to assist those who have not prepared themselves financially to begin their course. Therefore, applicants who seek funding to cover their course fees are ineligible. The maximum fund that will be given to full time students is £250 and £150 for part time students.

Applicants who have received funding from other sources are still eligible to apply (though this factor will be considered by the Association representatives in granting any award).

The Association will expect that applicants have taken all reasonable steps to ensure financial stability and have applied to secure funds through other means for example - via overdraft, family or loans (such as student / professional loans).

For general funding advice, please contact


Who is not eligible to apply?

  • Those who are not currently registered students of BPP University.
  • Those seeking to cover course fees.
  • Those who are seeking to cover long term costs (examples include rent, utility bills, credit card bills, long term travel).
  • Those who have already been awarded support via the Crisis Fund more than twice within one calendar year.
  • Those who have not applied for their full entitlement of the Student Loan.


Please note that for the basis of the Crisis Fund, the calendar year (a 12 month period) runs from the date of the first accepted application. For example, if a student applies for the fund and is granted an award on the 10th May 2018, they can apply once more until 9th May 2019 when their calendar year will restart.


A student may only be granted two successful awards within one calendar year from the date of their first award.


How to apply?

Complete the Crisis Fund Application form, together with any supporting documentary evidence, and sent it to the Independent Advice Team.

Once your application is submitted, together with all supporting evidence, it will be considered by the Association Representatives. Please note that you must provide 3 months of bank statements of all bank accounts that you have access to when submitting your form. 

We will endeavour to acknowledge all applications within 2 working days. A decision will be reached once all the correct information has been provided.

Download the Crisis Fund Application here*

*Please note that ONLY applicants submitting Crisis Fund requests using the new application form will be considered. All applicants using the old application form will be asked to resubmit their request using the new form. This can be accessed via the link above.