The Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) is a mechanism by which students and staff can communicate and obtain feedback about all aspects of the BPP experience including the programme, facilities, student welfare, careers, activities and pro bono.

The SSLC is made up of student representatives from every tutor group on every programme at BPP who are elected at the start of the year. These representatives meet with staff in order to raise issues or concerns, suggest improvements and offer feedback on new initiatives.



The role of an SSLC representative will include:

  • To promote careers and pro bono events and initiatives to fellow students by making announcements within classes;
  • To direct colleagues to careers events and student support resources that are available on the VLE or website;
  • To advocate their colleagues' views at SSLC meetings with programme leaders and/or staff;
  • To form part of a focus group that from time to time may be called upon by various departments within BPP to gain valuable student feedback on a wide range of issues and services;
  • To liaise with the other members of the Students’ Association to keep them abreast of any issues;
  • To keep students informed of the outcome of SSLC meetings by feeding back informally to them.

Minutes from SSLC meetings will be posted in the 'Student Voice' tab on the VLE.

Those who would like represent your peers as a SSLC Representative should make this known to their personal tutor or programme team who will provide further details on how to apply.

Personal Benefit of being a Student Representative

Being an SSLC representative is a good opportunity for your personal development. It is a useful addition to your CV due to the skills that you will use and develop whilst carrying out your role as a student representative. You can also ask us for feedback on your performance during your time in post. And what could be more rewarding than the chance to influence the future of your student experience?