Learning Support

Information and guidance on contacting the BPP Learning Support Team.
Information and guidance on contacting the BPP Learning Support Team.
The Learning Support Team provides assistance for neurodiversity, learning difficulty, disability, health and mental health issues. Find us on the BPP Hub.
Contact Us: learningsupport@bpp.com

How we can help you

As a student with a learning difficulty and/or disability, you are covered by the Equality Act 2010. The Learning Support team works with all BPP teams to implement reasonable adjustments so you can access services and participate fully in your learning.

Disability Disclosure (Tell us)

All information disclosed to BPP and discussed with a member of the Learning Support team will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. It will only be shared with staff at BPP on a "needs to know” basis. We will not share information with employers or third parties without your express written consent.

Your disability disclosure and support will not show on your exam transcripts or your final result.

You will be asked to complete a Disclosure Form so you can control and understand who your information is shared with. Information is normally handled via your student reference number to retain anonymity.

Please find the Disclosure Form here

Proud to support our students

Whatever your situation, we can help: dyslexia, anxiety, autism spectrum, blind and visual impairments, panic attacks, mental health, depression, recent injury, operation recovery, diabetes, epilepsy, dyspraxia, mobility issues, sickle cell, MS, persistent migraines, deaf and hearing impairment, heart conditions, HIV, cancer and other health conditions.

The 5 steps to Learning Support

  1. Contact the Learning Support Team.
  2. Complete a Disclosure Form.
  3. Discuss your support and send us a Doctor’s Note or Educational Psychologist’s Report.
  4. We produce a Learning Support Agreement - outlining your support.
  5. We arrange support on your chosen course and reasonable adjustments for your exams.

For more information please download our Pocket Guide to Wellbeing & Learning Support.