Guidance for when things go wrong.
Guidance for when things go wrong.
Although BPP University does not have any of its own residences or any partnerships with providers, our main objective is to provide you with some guidance when things go wrong e.g. deposit disputes, poor maintenance and your rights as a tenant.

In terms of providing assistance in finding a place for you to stay, unfortunately we are unable to offer this as a service and therefore, you will need to get in touch with providers directly to establish availability and current prices. When contacting providers, please do check with them directly to see if their published information is correct and up to date. Also, please do try to visit providers or do research into their properties before you commit to any contracts.

You can review our Student Housing Guide which provides helpful information on considerations you should make when searching for accommodation, tips and guidance for when you begin looking, your rights and obligations as a tenant, steps for moving out, and what to do when things go wrong.

Download our Student Housing Guide


If you are at risk of homelessness, please see our guide below for practical options for assisting you to secure accommodation. In addition, please contact the University’s Safeguarding Team via or call 07464 542 636 for further assistance.

As it can understandably be a stressful time if you are at risk of homelessness, please also see our guidance on the support section of our website to ensure that you are being supported by the University.

Download our help for BPP domestic students facing homelessness guide