Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Information and guidance on contacting the BPP Inclusion Team.
Information and guidance on contacting the BPP Inclusion Team.
At BPP we are proud of our diverse community and inclusive environment. We are firmly committed to building access to the professions and widening participation through Inclusive practice. Find us on the BPP Hub.

Download our Pocket Guide to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

We celebrate, support and advocate for students with (protected) characteristics, care-experienced students, students with caring responsibilities, and socially disadvantaged students.

We listen, consult, reflect and learn from our students; their diversity makes us stronger. We engage with and support our students and strive to improve our services and academic experience through the perspective of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.” Nicholas Glossop, Head of Inclusion & Learning Support

Our Facilities include: Multi-faith rooms, gender-neutral toilets, guidance and support.

We run events: such as Black History Month, International Women’s Day, Pride month, Disability and Mental Health week.

We work with partners: like Aspiring Solicitors, Stonewall, NEON, The National Association of Disability Practitioners, the Law Society, partner professional firms and our regulators.

We have a Strategic Focus: We operate a comprehensive Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy. We undertake student consultations for example on race and ethnicity in 2019/20. We review track and monitor our achievements.  


Diversity Ambassadors Scheme

Ambassadors have the opportunity to work in a diverse team to design and deliver:

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) focused activities and events for the wider student community.

  • Produce social media content.
  • Host and contribute to the EDI podcast on issues that matter to you.
  • Write short articles for our website.
  • Meet and engage with new people at BPP and externally.

To sign up to become a Diversity Ambassador, please fill in this form and send it to inclusion@bpp.com. The deadline to complete this form is the 9th of December 2022. 

Reverse Mentoring Scheme

The aim of the Reverse Mentoring programme at BPP is:

  • For a student to mentor BPP staff or faculty on a one-on-one basis. To share what it is like for them to attend BPP and to provide a cultural and inclusive exchange.
  • The programme encourages dialogue at an individual level; where staff and students experience a much deeper and more open conversation, leading to a far greater appreciation of diversity and inclusion.

To get involved please contact inclusion@bpp.com.

Student Articles

Freedman, S., Paramova, P., & Senior, V. (2020). “It gives you more to life, it’s something new every day”: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of wellbeing in older care home residents who keep a personal pet, Ageing & Society, This article can be found here: DOI:10.1017/S0144686X19001880

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Twitter: @BPPInclusion

Instagram: BPP Diversity & Inclusion

Contact us:

If you feel you have been the victim of any form of harassment, inappropriate behaviour, prejudice or discrimination please contact the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion office for support.

Email: Inclusion@bpp.com

For more information please download our Pocket Guide to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.