Graduating in absentia

If you are unable to attend your graduation, or simply do not wish to attend, you can choose the following options:

  • Graduate in absentia - this means you will receive your award certificate but not attend the ceremony. We do not need to be informed if you wish to graduate in absentia and your certificate will be posted to your home address as noted against your student record.
  • Defer your invitation - if you are unable to attend your original graduation date you can defer your invitation to a future ceremony taking place within 12 months from your original invitation. Please email once you have received your formal invitation to request a deferral. All deferral requests must be received by the day of the original ceremony you were invited to.

Please note that only one deferral request will be granted per graduand.

If you would prefer to attend the regional winter ceremony in Manchester, rather than attending the London ceremony early in January 2020,you can request this by emailing