Student Representatives

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Student Representatives of the BPP University Students' Association


  • Attend BPP University boards and committees as a student representative, having sufficiently prepared to justly and accurately represent the view of the student community.
  • Work with the President of Students' Association in obtaining market intelligence on factors that impact student experience.
  • Attend the BPP University National Student Council meetings. Council meetings will be held 3 times a year, one being the Student Voice Residential Conference.

Desired Qualities and Attributes

  • Excellent communication skills, both spoken and written
  • Ability to work in a team and individually, using your initiative to conduct research.
  • Enthusiastic about improving quality of education you and other BPP students receive.


  • Compensation between £50-100 per meeting, to cover local travel expenses, and other personal expenses.
  • Long distance travel by train booked on your behalf and paid by the Association
  • Two free tickets to all BPP Students' Association Events
  • BPP Students' Association hoodie
  • Certification
  • References on request.

Important Dates

  • Submit your short 150-word Manifesto to with the subject heading “Student Representative Application - _insert your full name_” by the evening of the 8th October.
  • Election Timeframe to garner student votes from 9th October to 11th October.
  • Representatives Team Day on 18th October.
  • Student Written Submission (SWS) Away Day [£100 reward] from 29th-30th October.

Your Details Needed 

  • Full Name
  • BPP Email
  • Student Record Number (SRN)
  • Course
  • Study Centre
  • Short 150-word max. Manifesto

Candidates must do all campaigning themselves

BPP University Students' Association will send out a notification via social media of the elections and encourage participation but will not assist with personal campaigning.


If you have specific questions or want to discuss an issue before applying, please contact: 


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