Student Voice Presidents

Your voice at your BPP University Centre.

The Centre Voice Presidents are a group of students who sit on BPP University’s internal decision making committees. Each centre will have at least one Voice President, whose role is to represent the students’ views as a whole during discussions at the committee meetings. Members of the committees may wish to invite the student presidents for their views on any matters arising on the agenda that has an impact on the student experience.

There is also a regular student voice item on each agenda which is an opportunity for Student Voice Presidents, working with the President of the Students' Association, to raise any matters relating to that committee from the perspective of the students.


London Waterloo
Shahnawaz, President (Law School)    
Laura Carey, President (School of Health) Elena Talia, VP Jake Pararen, VP
London Holborn
Munawar Sheikh, President    
London City
Hattie Hoang, President

Thao Dinh, VP  
London Shepherd's Bush
Thabiso Manyeneng, President Andrea Nunes,VP    
Gemma Boyle, President Fatima Laher, VP  
Lesley Brown, President    
Toby Pilcher, President Ashleigh Norman, VP Kate Ciborowski, VP
Sean Humphrey, President    
Details coming soon    
Silva Harris, President Sonu Jose, VP  

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