Menstrual Health

Our Mission at the Students' Association.

We believe in menstrual equity* and the rights of all people who bleed.

We here, in the BPP Students' Association believe everyone should have the right to free and accessible period products and suffer no shame or stigma around having a period!

As an Association we pledge to provide free products to all students if they require them and continue to work towards breaking down the stigma and shame Periods bring.

*Menstrual Equity is ensuring the world is built for people who menstruate, and everyone benefits. Where no one is at a disadvantage just because they have a period (Bloody Good Period).
Claim your free products!

If you require free products to be sent to your home please contact or, with what products you require, your home address and contact number.

If you are based on campus at either, Holborn (Red Lion Street), London Portsoken Street or Shepherd's Bush, There are free dispensers on campus where you can collect product.

Find your free dispenser:

  • Holborn: Head to the disabled bathrooms on the ground floor near reception!
  • London Portsoken Street: Head to the disabled bathrooms on the Second Floor!
  • Shepherd's Bush: Head to the disabled bathrooms on the ground floor near reception!