10. Digital Assessment Tips

Top tips on online exams from the UAO team.
Top tips on online exams from the UAO team.

1. Applied for Learning Support?

If you need any extra time or special consideration for your exams, contact the Learning Support Team as soon as possible so your needs are included in your online assessments.

2. Test your system

Download and test the most up-to-date Inspera system on your computer when requested in advance of your exam – then you’ll have time to sort out any potential issues with the Inspera team.

3. Which permitted materials?

Check what materials you are allowed – pen, pencils, scrap paper. These will be confirmed in your course notes, or you can contact your Programme team. Remote invigilators will be monitoring.

4. ID Ready?

You will be asked to show identification, please have it ready.

5. Ready for a room scan?  

During your exam you will be asked to rotate the camera of your computer around your room to show the remote invigilator the environment you are in for your assessment.

6. Is your lighting right?

If the lighting is too bright or too dark, then the system may close - you may need to close your curtains or turn your light on.  You’ll have a chance to test your system a couple of weeks before your exam and it will let you know if there is any issue with your lighting.

7. Download PDFs at beginning of your exam 

There may be PDFs in the ‘Additional Resources Area’ – It is good to download these at the beginning of your exam in case your wi-fi drops and you cannot access them when needed.

8. Invigilators do watch!

Please remember that during your exam your camera is making a video recording of you which will be watched shortly afterwards by an invigilator.

You do not need to be in sight the entire time – brief toilet or refreshment breaks are allowed but will be counted. Check your course information for any specific rules which may apply in your case.

If you are entitled to longer breaks, please stay in front of the camera as much as possible throughout.

9. Wi-fi drops – do not worry!

If your wi-fi drops during your exam, then you will be able to continue your exam. It may then just take longer to upload to the server when you finish and submit your exam.

10. Contact us for help

If you have any questions before or during your exam, then please contact BPP’s dedicated Inpsera team on inspera@bpp.com