Equality & Learning Support

At BPP we welcome applications from students with learning difficulties and disabilities. We offer support and guidance to ensure that all students can access their learning and get the most from their studies. 


We encourage all students to disclose their learning difficulty or disability at application and inform BPP well in advance of starting the programme to ensure that we can plan your support with you. Be sure to complete the relevant section on your UCAS application and any BPP application and registration forms too. This information will be forwarded to the Learning Support Team who will contact you, but don’t hesitate to contact the Learning Support Service directly for more information.


We can help with disabilities, learning difficulties, mental health conditions, chronic health conditions, sensory impairments, students on the Autism spectrum, medical conditions and much more.


LearningSupport@bpp.com or (+44) 020 7430 7069 : Monday to Friday, 9:00am until 5:30pm