6. Interruption of Studies (IOS)

Advice on applying for an interruption of studies.
Advice on applying for an interruption of studies.

At BPP we understand that sometimes things do not go according to plan which can impact your ability to continue and progress on your course. This could be due to prolonged health issues, maternity/paternity or the death of a close relative. In these circumstances you may wish to apply for an Interruption of Studies (IoS).

What is an Interruption of Studies?

An Interruption of Studies is a period of approved absence from the programme of study where a date for re-entering the programme at an appropriate point has been approved.


What is the defined period of an Interruption of Studies?

An IoS can be a minimum of a term or up to a maximum of 12 months in length, however cumulative interruptions of study (whether consecutively or at different points in the programme) shall be permitted up to a maximum period of 18 months.


How can I apply for an Interruption of Studies?

If you are considering applying for an IoS, you should consult with your personal tutor or programme support officer as soon as possible. You can do this by starting the IoS process.

In order to initiate the IoS process, please raise a case on the student query form on your student portal (VLE or Hub) and the select the type ‘Interruption of Studies’.

In order for an IoS to be authorised, the following departments must approve your application;

  • BPP Finance (you must be up to date with fees for your application to be approved)
  • Programme Team
  • Study Visa’s (If you are on a Student visa)

If you are SLC funded it is strongly advised you check with the SLC Queries team about any implications that may occur with taking an IoS.


How do I know my IoS has been approved?

Once your IoS form has been sent through and approved by all the relevant departments, your form will be sent to the University Central Administration department in order to formally process your approved break on your student record. You will then receive an email to your BPP email address confirming that it has been processed on your account.

Please note, you are not on an IoS until you receive confirmation from the University Central Administration department.


I am due to return but I wish to extend my IoS. How do I do this?

If you wish to come back at later date, then the original approved return date. Please contact your University Student Support Team through the student query form on your student portal (VLE or Hub), or you can select the option on the survey that will be sent out to you via your BPP Email a month prior to your original return date.


How do I return from my IoS?

Shortly before your official return date, you will be sent a survey to your BPP email address which must be completed and will advise you about returning. If you decide you cannot return and so wish to extend your IoS or withdraw, please still complete the survey and it will take you through the steps required.

Please note, if you do not reply to the survey then ultimately you will be deemed withdrawn from your programme of study.


How do it return prior to my IoS return date?

If you wish to return earlier than your official return date, please contact the University Student Support Team through your student portal (VLE or Hub).