7. Student Loans Company (SLC)

Guidance and Support on the Student Loans Company.
Guidance and Support on the Student Loans Company.

The Student Records and Funding Officers which are a part of the University Central Administration Department are responsible for Student Loans Company (SLC) guidance and support. Part of their role includes ensuring funding is released to students and reporting all status/course changes to SLC in a timely manner.


How to Apply for Funding

Click on the below link to find out more information and to make your application.

Undergraduate: https://www.gov.uk/apply-online-for-student-finance

Postgraduate: https://www.gov.uk/masters-loan/apply

Submitted your funding application for a different University? Don’t worry, contact us as soon as possible on your student portal (VLE or Hub) and choose type ‘Student Loans Company Query’ or email slcqueries@bpp.com and we will be able to request for it to be switched over to BPP.



At BPP we offer a lot of courses but unfortunately not all are eligible for Student Loans Company funding.

For a full list of SLC funded programmes please click the below link that applies to your course;

Undergraduate  - click here

Postgraduate – click here

Student Loans Company also have a set of eligibility criteria that needs to be met so please click undergraduate or postgraduate to be taken to their eligibility criteria.

Please note, funding is only available for BPP under Student Finance England. BPP University is not designated for Postgraduate Loan funding for Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland.


Receiving your Funding

As soon as you have registered onto your course (or re-registered for continuing students) BPP will be required to ‘confirm your attendance’ to release your funding. We do this automatically by submitting an electronic notification on the Student Loans Company system. Once we have done this you will receive an email from us to your BPP email address to confirm and then your payment is usually released within 3 working days or on your scheduled payment date.

The funding is paid in 3 instalments over the year which should be shown on your funding entitlement letter which you can access on your Student Finance account.


Attendance Requirements

BPP will monitor your attendance throughout the year. We will report any prolonged periods of non-attendance to SLC. You are only entitled to receive SLC funding whilst you are in full attendance of your programme.



Changes to Studies

Please be aware that BPP are required to inform the Student Loans Company (SLC) of all changes to your studies. This includes any changes to your course, mode of study, campus, withdrawals, suspensions/periods of non attendance, Interruptions of Study and any Resumptions to study. Upon receipt of these notifications your funding entitlement is usually reassessed and SLC will communicate any changes to you directly.

Please note:

  • If you decide to change to a course which is not eligible for funding this will be reported to SLC and your funding application would be cancelled.
  • For Postgraduate Students:
    • Selecting specific routes whilst on our LLM Legal Practice (Bar) and LLM Law & Legal Practice courses can mean your course length is extended. This means you will be moved to a longer course on the SLC system and your payments will be recalculated to be split over the new course length which will result in a change to your payments.
    • Please be aware some courses run longer than a standard 1 year Full Time/2 year Part Time course length. Should you move to a course which is a longer length, please be aware this could mean your funding is adjusted to run over 2 or more years which will impact your payment dates and amounts
    • If you withdraw from a course that you have received all or part of a Postgraduate Loan, please be aware that a further Postgraduate Loan is not available as it is a one time product. Should you wish to re-join BPP on a further Postgraduate Loan funded course, in order to receive a further Postgraduate Loan you will need to apply direct to the Student Loans Company for Compelling Personal Reasons and provide them with evidence to support it.




You will need to repay anything you borrow, and you will be due to start repaying the April after you finish or leave your course. How much you repay depends on which repayment plan you are on and your income. You will only repay your loan when your income is over the relevant threshold for your plan.

You can find out more about repaying your student loan here www.slc.co.uk/repayment

When are repayments usually taken?

Repayments are usually taken automatically from your salary along with Tax and National Insurance and if you are self-employed you would make the repayments at the same time you pay your tax. If you leave your course early you still must repay the loan, but the repayment process may differ, and you may need to pay it back earlier than usual.



If you have any queries regarding SLC funding please contact us on slcqueries@bpp.com or via your student portal (VLE or Hub) and choose type ‘Student Loans’.