A new musical - THE LIMIT

Wed 06 March 2019 19:45-21:45

Location: Network Theatre

Overwhelmed by London’s cultural scene so much that you end up doing nothing? Here’s a neat place to start:

I’m helping promote this new musical which will show at the Network Theatre just down the road by Waterloo Station, 6th-10th March.

'The Limit' tells the story of forgotten mathematical hero, Sophie Germain, who because she was a woman had to teach herself and pretend to be a man in order to attend university. It’s a unique and true story brought to life with original music, by the creators of 5-star Edinburgh Fringe comedy sell-out ‘Part A’.

It’s so close by, why not suggest it to course mates

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Any questions - contact Louis at l.geary2@my.bpp.com 

A new musical - THE LIMIT