British Parliamentary Debate

Tue 19 February 2019 17:00-18:00

Location: Waterloo, Room 4.2

The Conservative Association and The Advocacy and Debating Society jointly present an Introduction to British Parliamentary Debate

Join us on the 19th of February to learn more about debating in the British Parliamentary style, which is one of the most popular format adopted in debating competitions worldwide. We shall provide members with an opportunity to practice with two motions on society and policy in a mock debate.

You will have time to prepare for the following motions during the session:

“This House regrets the rise of social media as a primary source of news distribution.”
“This House would use 50% female quotas in business and parliament.”

Contact: Register your interest in our societies by emailing us on or/and to receive updates.

When and where: 19th of February at the BPP Waterloo Campus, 5pm to 6pm, Room 4.2

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British Parliamentary Debate