Calling all final year undergrads!

Calling all final year undergraduates. Play your part in shaping BPP University’s future.


By now, you’ve probably heard of the National Student Survey (NSS) by email or from some of the posters in the centres. But if you’re still wondering what it’s all about, hopefully the following will help! 


As you might have guessed by the name. The National Student Survey is a national survey, completed by final year undergraduate students across the UK. The survey is conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), and is completed by all UK universities. The survey will ask you a range of questions about the quality of your student experience whilst at BPP. It also offers you the opportunity to comment on the things you feel went well and those that you would recommend were improved.


As a direct result of the feedback your peers gave last year, we helped the University complete a 28 page actions list so we could improve student experience and help you get your voice heard. Some of those successes included asking for this new website, you wanted your timetables at least 2 weeks in advance of classes starting and several specific centre requests for facility improvements (things like extra books for certain courses and more employer led evening events).

Take this chance to help us improve and when you complete, not only will you be entered into a draw for 5 iPads minis or iWatches but you'll get an email confirming how to claim a £10 Amazon gift voucher as thanks for your time. 5-10 minutes of your time can make a massive difference!


If you are a final year student and are eligible for the survey, you will now have received an email from Ipsos Mori containing a link that will take you straight to the survey.

If you have not received any emails about NSS, and think you are eligible, please click here.

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