Psychology Society Report 2017

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Psychology society annual report

Creating the Psychology society has been one of the best highlights while studying at BPP. The psychology society ran for the first time at BPP in 2016. The first year was very memorable and productive. Overall, we have had a very successful beginning, we had recruited over 70 members. I find that it is important to mention that we had a range of students from across all the schools, e.g. health, business, law etc.

We had a range of successful events during 2016-2017, with a good turnout, please see as following:

  • Meet and Greet -  to begin with, after recruit many members at freshers we invited all members to have a small gathering where we introduced the society and spoke about what our plans were for the year.
  • Film Nights – Our film nights gained a lot of interest from across departments (law, business, finance, and psychology). During the first semester (September), we had film nights every Friday. The second semester (January) we asked students what days were best for them, we had the films nights every second Monday to start off with, then every second Friday.
  • Journal Clubs – Alongside one of the psychology lecturers we held journal clubs every week. Students would pick a journal article and we would discuss it during the session. 
  • End of Exams Party – To celebrate the end of exams in January we held a dinner party at a restaurant.
  • SLV Global Mental Health Talk – SLV are a mental health organization who offer placements abroad. They came to talk to us about the range of opportunities there are and how we can apply. After this event, we had a few students sign up and went abroad to volunteer with them.
  • End of Year Party – to celebrate the end of the 3rd year psychology cohort we through a party.

As aforementioned, the first year of the society has been very busy. However, it has been a very valuable and rewarding experience which I will not forget. It has been a privilege being the president and I am very grateful for having had the opportunity. I hope that in the years to come the society can gain more success with more events.


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