BPP Student in the National Competition Advocate of the Year

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Lydia Stephens is a finalist representing BPP University in the national competition Advocate of the Year. Lydia has written a short biography with a few helpful hints and tips for  law students that will help with mooting competitions! The Bar Society encourage all law students and future barristers to participate in mooting competitions and visit  court.


My name is Lydia. I completed an undergraduate in English Language and Literature at Oxford University and I have recently started the GDL at BPP University . I have some experience in BPP debating and public speaking, but a limited amount in formal advocacy. However, the Advocate of the Year competition was a great experience. Being able to participate in a lengthy mock trial and to practice handling witnesses was great practice. My advice to anyone participating in a similar competition would be to ensure you fully understand the different roles and questioning styles of an Examiner in Chief and a Cross Examiner. The best way to do this is to attend court yourself and watch actual barristers advocating.

All the best


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