Amnesty International Society Report 2019

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Annual Report, July 2019

1. Introduction:

Amnesty student society started at BPP University on 15th of April 2019. Since then society goal and activity have been actively promoted in different study centre at BPP and we have received a good response from the following campus:

1. Holborn

2. Shepherds Bush and

3. Birmingham Campus.

Right at this point Amnesty student society, BPP aiming to expand society activities in each of BPP University campus. This includes the campuses outside London. Our plan is to create a committee to run society activities in each of these campuses.


2. Recent Activities:

BPP Amnesty student society has successfully taken part and represented BPP University in two main events:

1. Amnesty Student Society members from BPP University attended in Amnesty International AGM at Nottingham University and represented BPP University. Where we had an extraordinary opportunity to meet with the fellow student from universities around the country. Among them, there were many prospective students who told us that they are choosing BPP in upcoming September intake for BPTC/LPC course. These students were very happy to know the fact that;  

2. Amnesty Student Society is already active at BPP University and want to join the society once they enrol at our University.

3. Amnesty Student Society has taken part and represented BPP University at an event organized by United Nation on Kofi Anan Legacy at Westminster Central Hall in London. In that event, BPP University student took part in an article writing competition and won free ticket for the event.

4. Amnesty student society member had met with fellow BPP students informally on a number of occasions at BPP campus to promote society’s goal and activities.


3. Strengths:

Amnesty student society has a dedicated team who are determined to work hard to make it the best society in BPP University.

Amnesty student society received a good response from the student.

Society activities are made in as such that not only help young people to understand issues relating to human rights but also give them a path to raise their voice against injustice.

Further Amnesty society making it possible for its member to gain invaluable leadership, organizing and teamwork skills.


Prepared by:

Md. Ahsanul Wadud


Amnesty Student Society

BPP University.


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