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The BPP Pop Up Shop

The BPP Students' Association have a VERY exciting announcement!

 After months of planning, we are launching our very first Pop Up Shop....


We are throwing a big launch party, with cupcakes, prizes and competitions and of course BPP and Students' Association Hoodies for sale.

This will take place on Wednesday 14th June at 1-3pm at London Portsoken on the 2nd Floor Student Area.

After this launch party, we will be opening the Pop Up Shop on a regular basis where....

You will be able to buy BPP and Students' Association Merchandise, currently at our London Portsoken and Waterloo Centres.

We will announce the opening times and locations on the Virtual Campus, Website and all our Social Media Accounts, so keep a look out on all these platforms!

 You can also buy merch online by clicking this link:

Please read the Terms and Conditions for the Pop Up Shop!