BPP Labour Society - London

BPP Labour Society is the home of all things Labour at BPP.

BPP Labour Society is the home of all things Labour at BPP.

We host a wide range of events throughout the year to give our members the chance to meet likeminded people, hear from high-profile speakers and panel discussions, and get involved in the wider Labour movement.

Our events include a private tour of Parliament and exclusive events hearing from MPs, to arranging talks on the role of Fabianism in Labour or Women’s voices in politics. Our society will also be hosting a biannual party which all members are invited to – in February and after exams in June. You can also get involved with Labour Students nationally with us, or London Young Labour more locally.

Labour is a diverse party, which is a broad church of various people and views. Our society epitomises Labour and welcomes everyone who's interested in Labour politics – whether you're a democratic socialist, a social democrat, or have no idea. So no matter your background, a keen activist or someone new to Labour, if you want to come to fun socials with likeminded people and engage in a range of interesting activities – join today!

Contact us at: bpplaboursociety@gmail.com 


Our society email is bpplaboursociety@gmail.com. All communications with and about the society should now go to this account. Issues, queries, or other matters should be addressed to the President.