12. Assessment Queries

Contact details.
Contact details.


We hope the information in the other Assessment sections helps answer questions about your assessments and results.

For Frequently asked questions please see our Assessments Hub poster and our Failed assessments information poster.

There are currently 2 online platforms at BPP for students – the VLE and the HUB.  To raise a student query you must follow the correct link to your platform – VLE Query or Hub Query, then select the relevant teams as follows: 


Type of Query

Contact or Check




Finance team


VLE Query or Hub Query with the type ‘FINANCE’

or call 03300 603100

Transcripts may be withheld if there are any outstanding debts and only Student Finance can can advice the Exams team regarding the students balance. Do not send copies of proofs of payment to the Exams team – you must contact Student Finance.

Learning Support

Learning Support team


If you think that you may need assistance with your examinations, the LS team should be your first point of contact. They can help organise your learning support contract, which must be in place at least 1 month before your assessment.

Inspera Assessments (while testing the system)

Refer to the relevant Inspera Guides. If unable to find an answer, please email.





The team will set up the ‘test your system’ test and examinations – if you have not received your log ins 48 hours before your exam, please email us.

Any technical issues when you do your system test? Please email Inpera@bpp.com as soon as possible; please do not call us.


Inspera Assessments (technical queries during exams)

Our dedicated Digital Assessment team will respond to your email as quickly as possible.



Any technical issues with your exam? Please email Inpera@bpp.com as soon as possible.

Please do not contact us by phone about any exam issue as we will not be able to assist over the phone.

If you are logged out from your exam, the code to log back in is available on the out of office response of the Inspera inbox.


Teams, Panopto, Turnitin Assessments

Your Programme team

VLE Query or Hub Query




Results (mark, failure next steps)


Assessment Feedback

Your Programme team

VLE Query or Hub Query

Timetable- Do you have timetable questions, or you have not received your slot? Please contact your programme team.

Extensions - Your programme team can update you on the status of your deferral. Only the programme team can approve/reject an extension, therefore the outcome of your application will come from them.

Results (mark, failure next steps) - If you would like to discuss your results; if you failed any assessments and not sure what your next steps are, please speak to your programme ream. They can also advise you on the dates of the assessments or advise in case you are considering applying for an extension or extenuating circumstances.

Assessment feedback – This is prepared and sent to you by the programme team; if you have any questions regarding your feedback or think there are discrepancies, please contact your programme team.

Extenuating Circumstances

Academic Appeals

Applications for Extenuating Circumstances and Academic Appeals must be set up and submitted online via this link



If you are not sure which process you should follow or have any questions – eg which grounds for your appeal are applicable - the Independent Advice team will be able to help.

Exam Dates

Check VLE/ HUB Programme page


Any examination dates are available from the HUB or VLE, please ensure that you check it first.

If you have any questions about your assessments/dates, your programme team will be able to assist.


Higher Rights Assessments

Assessment team


If you have any questions about your results, please email PDLawExams@bpp.com




Other Assessment Questions

Assessment team

VLE Query or Hub Query

Results - Once your results are released and you think there are any discrepancies, please contact the Assessment Team through the student query form.

Resits – If you fail you will be automatically added to the re-sit exams. Your examination dates are available from the HUB or VLE.

Transcripts – Transcripts are emailed to students within 4-6 weeks of results release dates, as long as there are no outstanding fees.

Other - If you have any other assessment related questions, please contact us though the student query form.



Registry team

VLE Query or Hub Query

Certificates - Certificates are posted later than transcripts:  All awards must be ratified by Academic Council, who sit 3-4 times per year, so it can take 3-6 months. For more information about electronic and hard copy certificates see the Students’ Association Awards webpage.

Graduation – For uptodate information about graduation ceremonies check the Students’ Association Graduation webpage.  All eligible students will be invited once their awards have been ratified by Academic Council; students must accept if they wish to attend.

If the above information and contact details don’t help and you still need help, then you can telephone the Assessment Team:

+44 (0) 3300 603 100

Monday – Friday 9-12pm & 2-5pm