An overview of the process for issuing awards and certificates.
An overview of the process for issuing awards and certificates.

Here you can find out more information on your BPP certificate and when you can expect to receive it. You can also find instructions on how to order a replacement copy.


An overview of the process for issuing awards and certificates

*Check the sections below for timings and details



Certificate timings


These are the current timings for certificates based on your results release date. Please see the sections below for more information.


Table 1: Certificate availability timings

Date of Results Release: Academic Council Date Online Softcopy Published Original Hardcopy Certificate Posted Ceremony Season
Up to 12 August 2023 Up to 31 August 2023 Published Sent Up to Autumn 2023
13 August - 10 October 2023 26 October 2023 Published End December 2023 Spring 2024
11 October 2023 – 1 February 2024 22 February 2024 1 April 2024 End April 2024 Spring 2024




Table 2: Estimated delivery timings

To: Via: Estimated Delivery Time:
UK addresses Royal Mail first class post 1 week
Former partner centre students from Pakistan and Bangladesh Courier to Partner Centre 2 weeks
Other EU and Worldwide addresses Royal Mail tracked letter 1 month



If you are a recently completing student

If you have recently completed your course and just received your results, here is what will happen next:



Once you have received your final results our Assessments team will prepare your transcript, and these will be emailed to you within 6 weeks of the release of the results.

More information can be found on the Assessments Hub of the Students’ Association website.



Before your certificate can be provided to you, your award must be conferred by our Academic Council. The Academic Council meet 4 times a year.

This means that your certificate will not be immediately available when you receive your final results, and it may take several months before you receive it. Please see Table 1 for timings, based on your results release date.


After this formal process is completed and awards have been officially approved, all eligible students are contacted regarding their certificates. Your certificate will be available in electronic (softcopy) and physical (hardcopy) form.


Electronic certificates:

Electronic certificates can be viewed and shared online using the BPP Verification Portal.

The BPP Verification Portal replaces the previous eModule system.

Students can login here.

Third party organisations can login here.

If you need help logging in or registering an account, please follow the instructions here.



Hardcopy certificates:

Your hardcopy certificate is posted to you, free of charge, as long as there are no fees outstanding for your course.

Once the Academic Council has conferred your award, your certificate is ready to be printed. When it is ready, you will be sent a survey by email asking for your most up-to-date postal address. Once you send us your postal address we will print and send your hard copy certificate. This can take up to 10 weeks from the survey deadline. Please see Table 1 for estimated the post date, and Table 2 for the estimated delivery time to your region.

If you have completed your course and you are waiting for your assigned Academic Council date, please feel free to complete your up-to-date mailing address at any time before your Hardcopy Address Survey Deadline Date (see Table 1), using the following form. If your address changes you can fill out the form again and we will use your most recent response. You will also have an opportunity to update your address in the survey sent out by email when your certificate is ready.

Please note: Hardcopy certificates are not provided at the Graduation Ceremonies. They are only available by post.


If you have not received your original certificate yet

Please check Table 1 about certificate timings, based on your results release date. Please also check Table 2 about estimated post times once your certificate has been posted.

You may still need to wait before your certificate is delivered to you, check the tables below to work out your estimated delivery date. Please do not contact us for updates before this date has passed.

Please read the Recently Completing Students section for more details on when you can expect your certificate to arrive.

Also, please note:

  • Certificates are only available once you have cleared all outstanding fees for your course (if you are unsure, please check with BPP Student Finance).
  • You must have completed the up-to-date postal address survey before the survey deadline date (see Table 1, column 4) for your certificate to be automatically posted to you. If you have missed the deadline, you will need to request your copy by filling in the form below.
  • Certificates for BPP Professional Skills Courses, as well as courses for external organisations such as ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW, CTA, ATT, etc. are not provided by BPP University. To obtain these please contact the relevant department/organisation.

If your estimated delivery date has passed, please raise a VLE Query or Hub Query and we will look into it. If you no longer have access to the VLE or Hub, then please email with the subject line: Certificate not delivered on time.

If you did not fill out an address survey before the deadline, or have recently cleared outstanding debts, please complete this form so we can send you your certificate. Certificates will be provided within 20 working days after you have submitted the form.



If you need a replacement copy

If you have misplaced your original certificate, you can order a new copy from BPP.


As the certificate is a legal document, there can only be one original copy. Please only request a copy if it is a replacement for a lost or damaged certificate.


Please note: Reprints of older certificates may appear slightly different to the original copy. This does not affect the validity of the document in any way, so please do not be concerned.


 If you require a replacement certificate, please contact fill out this form


If you require a certified copy of your certificate for a third party institution

We can provide a stamped and signed copy of your certificate so that it can be sent to a third-party institution. We can send it directly to the institution or send it to you so that you can forward it on yourself.

To do this please raise a VLE Query or Hub Query and once you receive a “cased opened” email from us, please reply to it with a scanned copy image of your certificate attached. If you no longer have access to the VLE or Hub, then please email with the subject line: Certified Copy of Certificate Request with a scanned copy image of your certificate attached. Please also include any additional instructions the third-party has provided and the address you would like us to send it to.

Please note: You will need to locate and scan the certificate yourself. If you are unable to provide a scanned copy you will need to order a replacement copy. When ordering the copy, you can ask us to certify it and send out to you or the third-party



For any questions please submit VLE Query or Hub Query (Graduation and Certificates) or email For any issues with the BPP Verification Portal, please email