All students are entitled to complain to BPP University should they feel the service they have received is not to the standard they have expected.

Complaints can cover:

  • Act or admission regarding the administration or operation of a regulatory procedure or service provided by the University.
  • The teaching quality of a course.
  • Conduct of a member of staff at BPP University or a fellow student.

Complaints may not cover:

  • Anything in relation to appeals against admission decisions, academic progression, verification of exams / assessment, allegations of cheating, issues concerning court proceedings or student employment matters.

Complaints should be raised informally first, and ususally to the most appropriate person - i.e. Programme Leader, service leader. We can help you identify who that person is if you are unsure.

If you are not satisified with the outcome, you can submit a formal comlpaint which will be dealt with by the Office of Regulation & Compliance. A formal complaint must be submitted using the official form (found at the bottome of this webpage) within 40 working days of the issue being raised. Staff investigating these cases will have had no involvement in prior investigations and a unbiased decision will be delivered to you. You should receive your outcome within 28 working days.

Potential outcomes you could receive range from:

  • Uphold the case with a statement to the remedy, uphold in part with a statement to the remedy and an explanation regarding those parts dimissed or;
  • Dismiss with a statement as to the reason

If you still feel strongly that your case has not been dealt with appropriately, you may then appeal the decision to the Vice Chancellor.

How can the Independent Advisors help?

  • Explain the Complaints procedure
  • Provide knowledge and independent guidance and support on your case
  • Review any submissions you make to the University
  • Attend any meetings alongside you.

If you would like any support or gudiance whilst completing a complaint, please get in touch with the Independent Advice Team on and they will be happy to discuss your concerns confidentially.

Please click here to access the Complaints Form