Student-Led Staff Awards

Watch the The Student Led Staff Awards ceremony LIVE

On the 27th of February at 15:30-17:00pm we are holding the Virtual Student Led Staff Awards Ceremony. Come and watch the staff you voted for win in their categories.

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Below are the final nominees for each category:






Award Categories


Personal Tutor Hero Award

Has your personal tutor gone above and beyond to support you this year? Do they make themselves available to their tutees? Do you think that they deserve recognition for the extra effort they put in to support you? This is an opportunity to show how much you appreciate the hard work your personal tutor goes through to support their tutees.

Inclusive Practice

This award is for any member of teaching or pastoral staff who is impressively proactive in ensuring that their work is inclusive of all students, for example in terms of race, disability, or gender.                                                                         

Coach of the year

Has your coach or assessor helped you develop professionally and supported you throughout your apprenticeship? This award is for a coach who has pushed you to reach your goals and fulfil your potential. This is your chance to thank them for believing in you!                                       

Providing Excellent Feedback

Is there a tutor, coach or programme leader who has gone above and beyond in providing you with meaningful feedback? Have they helped you with a large piece of coursework or helped you pass that important exam? This is a chance to recognise how they have used their communication skills in providing you with outstanding feedback.

Students & Learners as Partners Award

This award is for any member of staff who is noteworthy for upholding the idea of students and learners as partners and help facilitate their feedback. This refers especially to staff who have empowered, and worked in partnership together with, students and student representatives to organise collectively for such changes.

Student Support Services Award

Is there an individual with the Student Support Services (such as; learning support, safeguarding, international student advice, independent education and welfare team, library services etc.) who, were it not for them, you wouldn’t be where you are right now? Has a member of staff gone above and beyond to help you to ensure you received the best possible student experience? If so, nominate them for this award.

Lecturer of the year

An exceptional tutor who engages and can make the content so interesting or relevant to the students that this has a transformative impact on the student experience and their passion for good teaching will motivate students to perform academically at their full potential. They go above and beyond to immerse students in the course, providing them with the opportunity to think differently or critically.                                                                                            

Extra Mile Award

Is there a member of staff without whom you wouldn’t be where you are right now? This member of staff has gone above and beyond to help you. In short, they have gone the extra mile! All staff at BPP contribute towards the student and learner experience and this award is to recognise their hard work. This can be any staff member, even if they aren’t associated with a specific Faculty! Both academic and non-academic staff are eligible for this award.