Apprentice of the Year Awards


BPP Apprentice of the Year Awards 2024

Award Categories 


This year, we have 6 categories for which to nominate yourself, or someone else. Nominations will open on the 5th February 2024. 

We received an incredible number of nominations last year, and it was amazing to read about the fantastic successes of all our apprentices! These awards are a way to recognise these successes, reflect on all that has been achieved in the past year, and will look fantastic on your CV as well. 

‘Skills for Life’ in the context of apprenticeships means a set of essential skills and qualities that go above and beyond technical or sector-specific knowledge. We want to know about how BPP apprentices are going above and beyond to excel in their apprenticeship, and promoting apprenticeships by demonstrating teamwork, problem solving, resilience, leadership, initiative, and perseverance.  

Please make nominations as detailed as possible, with specific examples! Whether you are nominating yourself or someone else, let us know in detail why this award is deserved, and don’t be afraid to sing your own praises, or the praises of the person you are nominating – we want to hear about all of the fantastic achievement’s our apprentices have been making!  

The fantastic winners from last year are all listed here!




The Suzanne Finch Apprentice Champion Award 

Have you or has someone in your company truly ‘Championed Apprenticeships’, advocating and going above and beyond for apprenticeships and for our apprentices, building skills for life? This award is open to any apprentices, coaches, tutors or colleagues who have championed BPP apprenticeships.  

This award is dedicated to one of our wonderful coaches, Suzanne Finch, who sadly passed away in 2021. Suzanne advocated for the power of Apprenticeships (and Education) and was a true patron in helping others succeed. This annual award continues to recognise those who champion Apprenticeships in the way Suzanne always did.  

Previous winners for this award advocated for apprenticeships by volunteering, networking and finding new opportunities to teach people about apprenticeships, even educating more senior members in their company about the unique experiences of apprenticeships, and their value as a whole.  


Apprentice of the Year 

Do you have, or are you an exemplary apprentice in your company who has made outstanding achievements and developed skills for life within their apprenticeship?  

As an example, previous winners of this award were described as an irreplaceable member of the team, a role model for other apprentices, demonstrating having a consistently positive impact on their other apprentices, the course itself, and new colleagues at their company, whilst performing their role and completing their studies to an exceptional level. 


Apprentice Inclusion and Diversity Champion 

Can you think of someone who deserves to be recognized for their outstanding support and promotion of inclusivity and diversity in the apprenticeship space in their company, contributing not only to the professional growth of individuals but fostering an environment that cultivates 'skills for life'? 

In the past, winners and shortlisted individuals for this award advocated for a whole plethora of inclusion and diversity initiatives, organising companywide events and initiatives for EDI, being a panellist at external events, and working on connecting underrepresented students with their chosen profession. 


Apprentice Employer of the Year 

Do you want to nominate an employer that has gone above and beyond for apprenticeships, not only equipping individuals with job-specific skills, but also focusing on providing future-ready skills and all-round support, ensuring that apprentices gain valuable capabilities for professional success? 

Those shortlisted previously for this award had been undertaking important initiatives to increase underrepresented talent, as well as diversity in their leadership teams, in addition to supporting apprentices throughout their time with the company and beyond, in skills required of them not just now, but into the future.  


Resilience Award 

Have you been, or do you know someone who has been passionate about their own journey and building their future through their apprenticeship, despite challenges that this year might have brought? 

A previous winner of this award overcame significant setbacks they experienced the year before, showing positivity and optimism to complete their apprenticeship, whilst supporting and championing for others.  


Sustainability Award 

Are you, or do you know someone who has shown initiative within the workplace and in their own lives to consider environmental, social and ethical sustainability, raising awareness of the importance of sustainability within their sector? 

As an example, previous winners and shortlisted individuals of this award chaired a company wide network aimed at sustainable futures, raising funds and awareness of the vital help charities are giving, and working to encourage clients and colleagues to get involved in various sustainable initiatives!