Apprentice of the Year Awards


Over the past year, our apprentices have accomplished so much, we hope to celebrate their success in our own 2023 BPP apprentice of the year awards! With six fabulous categories, nominations will open on the 6th February 2023.  

Last year we received so many incredible nominations. It was truly inspirational to read about the achievements that all our apprentices have been making, and continue to make.

These awards are a great way to recognise a really deserving individual, might look great on your CV, or just reflect on all that has been achieved in the past year.

Award Categories 


The Suzanne Finch Apprentice Champion Award

Have you or has someone in your company truly ‘Championed Apprenticeships’ and gone above and beyond for apprenticeships and for our apprentices?

This award is open to any apprentices, coaches, tutors or colleagues who have championed BPP apprenticeships both internally and externally.

This award is dedicated to one of our wonderful coaches, Suzanne Finch, who sadly passed away in 2021. Suzanne advocated the power of Apprenticeships (and Education) and pledged her life to helping others succeed. This annual award continues to recognise those who champion Apprenticeships in the way Suzanne always did.

Apprentice of the year

Do you have, or are you an exemplary apprentice in your company who has made outstanding achievements within their apprenticeship?


Diversity & Inclusion Champion

Can you think of someone who deserves to be recognised for their support and promotion of inclusivity and diversity in the apprenticeship space in your company?                                                                  


Apprentice Employer of the year

Do you want to nominate yourselves as an employer that has gone above and beyond for apprenticeships, providing future-ready skills?         


Resilience Award

Have you been, or do you know someone who has been passionate about their own journey and building their future through their apprenticeship, despite challenges that this year might have brought?.


Sustainability award

Are you, or do you know someone who has shown initiative within the workplace and in their own lives to consider environmental, social and ethical sustainability?