Debate Workshop

Debate Workshop
Event Details
Monday 26 July 2021
1pm - 2pm

Join the Debating Society in their Debate Workshops!

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What you will cover:

Date Time Teaching session
05-Jul 1-2pm Fundamentals for beginners and returning students. We will revise the rules of BP debates and technical glosseries and terminolgies that will be used in every BP debate.
12-Jul 1-2pm Being a whip is very interesting and challenging, but there are ways in which you can handle the role with ease.
19-Jul 1-2pm Finding a major logical flaw in your opponent's speech can completely destroy their argument. Learn how to make effective rebuttals.
26-Jul 1-2pm Do you know that you may sit on the judge panel with us? Learn how adjudicators judge a debate.
02-Aug 1-2pm Advanced types of motions are not that advanced if you know what the adjudicators are looking for. Learn how to tackle them.