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BPP’s New Generative AI Awareness Course

Dear Students, 

BPP are launching an initiative to raise awareness about the use of Generative AI.


Generative AI (‘Gen AI’) tools have sparked significant debate across the education sector globally since they arrived on the scene in November 2022, with the launch of Chat GPT to the general public. Since then, there have been multiple launches of similar products from large companies like Microsoft and Google who have released tools such as Bing Chat (now CoPilot) and Google Bard respectively. New players in this field have also gained traction in the marketplace with companies like Anthropic who released public access to Claude.AI in late 2023.

All these tools are attractive to end users and by that we mean students and learners (and staff) at BPP as they can deliver significant benefits to business efficiency, knowledge growth and understanding as well as supporting learning and teaching more generally. As the use of Gen AI tools grows, so does the need for BPP to grow with it. Key to this is supporting students and learners to understand the importance of Gen AI and gain a foundation level of awareness of the impact of Gen AI.

Generative AI Awareness Course and Training

To support the understanding of what Gen AI is, we have developed a new course on The Hub called  “Generative AI Awareness”. This course provides a wealth of information about what Gen AI is, how it works, and includes specific use cases in an educational context.

The course is available to all students and learners to self-enrol on, enabling them to access specific information relating to their studies and assessment that may incorporate the use of Gen AI tools. Please note, there is no deadline to complete this and it can be accessed at any time.

As Generative AI continues to grow and new ideas, models and tools emerge, BPP will be at the cutting edge of development, bringing you the latest benefits and technologies into your everyday practice at work in an ethical, safe, and secure manner

Many thanks,

Centre of Excellence for Generative AI