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BPP's Virtual Campus

BPP has its very own 'BPP Community' platform or as we like to refer to it – 'The Virtual Campus'.  

This platform is nearing around 30,000 users and is growing every day. The platform is already used by the Education Services teams, Heads of Law, and most recently Business School Programme Support, however, most importantly it is used by our student body across BPP. 

This platform is a great way to stay connected with the latest happenings from staff, students and alumni which is why we're encouraging students to join. The Virtual Campus has an events board signposting students to all events happening across the BPP group, resources for wellbeing and accommodation as well as updates from teams across BPP. Signing up is easy and can be done in a few steps.  

How do I sign up? 

You can access the Virtual Campus through your desktop or phone. You can even download the app through Google Play or the App store. You can sign up with your LinkedIn, Google or email account. Logging in with your LinkedIn account is great for networking too! Please be aware, depending on the method you use to sign up, if a user clicks on your profile they will see the email linked to your LinkedIn. Click here to create your profile. 

What features does the Virtual Campus have? 

  • The Virtual Digest: This bi-weekly newsletter is a one stop shop for all things happening on the Virtual Campus and across BPP. See updates from the Students' Association and Educations Services groups like the latest events, updates, newsletters etc.  

  • The Events board: This includes both in-person and virtual events taking place. There are almost always free events, except for those that are used to fundraise for important causes. Check the events board regularly to see what's happening next. If you are running an event in your centre or online, make sure to add it to the Events Board!

  • Groups: These are open to both staff and students. You can network, contribute your thoughts, or assist with any queries. If there is a group you would like to join, but the group doesn't already exist, create your own! 

  • The Competitions group: Open to both staff and students. Prizes won in the past have included Hotel Chocolat chocolates, a space heater and various vouchers from Amazon, Ikea etc.  

  • Course specific groups:  

  • The Law School has separate groups for each campus. 

  • The Nursing School have a private community forum.

  • The School of Technology has a community page.

Resources: Available to both staff and students. You can find and access resources such as Library newsletters, inductions, and career advice. You'll also find helpful wellbeing resources including how to manage stress (about exams or otherwise!) and signposting to further support services.?? 

How do I use it?  

The Students' Association has created a helpful video explaining more on how to use the Virtual Campus here.

If you have any questions - please email us and we'd be happy to assist.