National Student Council

Your voice at BPP University.

The National Student Council is a student run committee at BPP University, formed of the President of the Students' Association and all the Vice Presidents from each BPP University centre.

The National Student Council meet 3 times a year to discuss all the student feedback presented in that semester.

The National Students’ Council discuss issues affecting the current student population at BPP University and work with the President of the Students' Association to represent the student voice and enhance the student experience.

One meeting per academic year will be held at an external venue over a few days to create the annual Student Written Submission (SWS, for short).

The SWS describes the overall student experience and is an opportunity for the students, through their representatives, to make suggestions for improvement.


BPP University National Student Council (2017- 2018)

The Voice at your BPP University Centre

Each BPP University centre will have one Vice President per school that teaches from that centre. Their role is to represent the students’ views as a whole during discussions at the University academic committee meetings. The chair of these committees will regular ask your representatives for their views on any matters arising on the agenda that has an impact on the student experience.

There is also a regular student voice item on each agenda which is an opportunity for Student Vice Presidents, working with the President of the Students' Association, to raise any matters relating to that committee from the perspective of the students.