Student Communications Manager

Falak Ali (She/Her)
Falak Ali 


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Hi everyone, as Student Communications Manager I am responsible for managing communication strategies and initiatives geared towards our BPP students. This includes creating and distributing our Student Life Magazine, Graduation Magazine, Student Handbooks and also various newsletters! I also lead on the communications strategies for a variety of surveys BPP University conducts, such as the NSS and National Student Experience surveys. . 

I also manage the Students' Association website and the BPP Virtual Campus - the online community for BPP staff and students. I also lead on conducting Education Services Fairs (Welcome Lunches) nationally, to welcome new cohorts of students and introduce them to their Education Services teams.  Furthermore I over see both the Student Led Staff Awards as well as the Student Commendation awards. We recognise you and your amazing successes all the way through your time at BPP.

Prior to this role I worked as a Programme Support Officer for both the Business and Law school. This role allowed me to develop a deep understanding of student’s educational journey, which in turn has made me better understand how to communicate to students.

If you would ever like to contribute a writing piece for the Students' Association; whether it be for the Student Life Magazine, newsletters (Virtual Digest/ Nursing School Newsletter) or even our blog, please feel free to reach out to me via my email above.