Student Communications Manager

Falak Ali (She/Her)
Falak Ali 


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Hi everyone, as Student Communications Manager I am responsible for managing communication strategies and initiatives geared towards our BPP students. This includes creating and distributing our Student Life Magazine, Graduation Magazine, Student Handbooks and also various newsletters! I also lead on the communications strategies for a variety of surveys BPP University conducts, such as the NSS and National Student Experience surveys.

I also manage the Students' Association website and the BPP Virtual Campus - the online community for BPP staff and students. I also lead on conducting Education Services Fairs (Welcome Lunches), to welcome new cohorts of students and introduce them to their Education Services teams.  Furthermore, I oversee both the Student Led Staff Awards and the Student Commendation awards. These awards recognise the amazing successes of both staff and students here at BPP! 

Prior to this role, I worked as a Programme Support Officer for both the Business and Law school. This role allowed me to develop a deep understanding of students' educational journey, which in turn, has made me better understand how to communicate to students.

If you would ever like to contribute a writing piece for the Students' Association; whether it be for the Student Life Magazine, newsletters (Virtual Digest/ Nursing School Newsletter) or even our blog, please feel free to reach out to me via my email above.