Student Communications Manager

Rosie Felt (She/Her)
Rosie Felt


As Students Communication Manager I work very closely with Ellie the Events and Engagement Manager. My role really is to make sure students are being seen and heard by BPP, I am always available to listen to students and make sure their views and opinions are taken on board. I oversee the inductions of new students to BPP around the country in all our centres, making sure they are settled and happy from the moment they arrive. My role is very cyclical, I see students from the beginning of their journey right to the end when they become Alumni. BPP and the Students’ Association, still want to maintain a relationship with each of our students once they graduate from BPP, so we can continue to support them in their journey post-BPP. Alumni are fantastic leaders for our current student body, and can really pave the road for those following them. I also help to manage the Students Association website and the BPP virtual campus, the online community for BPP staff and students. Furthermore I over see both the Student Led Staff Awards as well as the Student commendation awards. We recognise you and your amazing successes all the way through your time at BPP.