Student Independent Voice Manager

Ellen Wilson (She/Her)
Ellen Wilson
For questions regarding Student Voice please contact - or to contact Independent Advice - click here

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as the Student Independent Voice Manager (SIVM) at BPP University. I have the privilege of leading a dedicated team committed to amplifying student voices and ensuring your concerns are addressed effectively. In my role, I oversee both the Student Voice Team and Independent Advice Team, fostering a domain of open communication and support. Collaborating closely with stakeholders across the university, I advocate for student interests and work to ensure your perspectives are represented at all levels. Coming from a background in teaching and education, I am passionate about empowering students to thrive in their academic journey and to contribute positively to the university community. If you see me around campus, please do not hesitate to introduce yourself and join us as we strive to make BPP University an inclusive and supportive environment for all students.