Diversity Ambassadors scheme


Diversity Ambassadors Scheme

Ambassadors have the opportunity to work in a diverse team to design and deliver:

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) focused activities and events for the wider student community.

  • Produce social media content.
  • Host and contribute to the EDI podcast on issues that matter to you.
  • Write short articles for our website.
  • Meet and engage with new people at BPP and externally.

To sign up to become a Diversity Ambassador, please fill in this form and send it to inclusion@bpp.com.

Meet Our Team

Student Voice Manager

Your Student Voice Manager Sabiya Mahmood (She/her) looks after our Diversity Ambassadors

Meet Our Ambassadors 

Johanna Stenberg

Ruixing (Rasin) Yang
Thi Dac Nguyen
Joseph Chi-Lon Marler
Kalei Sinclair 
Liam Lambert

Hi, I'm Liam, a BPP LPC Graduate. I joined the BPP Diversity Ambassador Scheme because I wanted to promote the interests of socially mobile candidates in higher education and the professional world and champion diversity at BPP. As a first-generation university student from a lower socio-economic background, I wanted to use my experience and story to inspire and encourage other students and young professionals to strive for success. So, whether its questions about my time as a BPP student, requests for advice about progressing as a young professional or encouragement for when times are tough, and all things BPP, please do get in touch! 

 Claudia Lam (She/her)
Dhimple Patel (She/her)

Dim-Pull Pat-Ell

Muhammed Hamza Rashid
Xue Qin Yap
Gbenga Tejuosho
Muhammad Umer

Proudly serves as the Student Diversity Ambassador at BPP Manchester University. With a deep commitment to fostering an environment that celebrates diversity, strives to create a welcoming and supportive community for all students.  

Understands the significance of representation and believes that diversity is not just about acknowledging differences but also embracing them. By working closely with students, faculty, and staff, actively promotes a culture of respect, understanding, and appreciation for individuals from all backgrounds.  

Muhammad Umer is excited to continue their mission of promoting diversity and inclusivity at BPP Manchester University and looks forward to collaborating with students, faculty, and staff to create a truly inclusive educational environment for all. 

Kelvin- Ken Agada

Onome Vanessa Ajawobu (She/her)



Darshan Mistri
Lara Nicol
Muhammad Awais Bahadur 
Muhammad Umer Fayyaz (He/him)
Opia Happiness Princeess
Nasir Khan

Siddiq Mohammed (He/him)

Jaimin Kumar Sureshbhai Darji
Favour Emmanuel
Samar Abbas
Viral Dhamendra Shah 
Almina Agus
Arina Stelmokaite 
Desiree Obioma 
Harith I.Ahmed