9. Academic Appeals

Your rights of appeal.
Your rights of appeal.
If you are not happy with a decision the University has made in relation to you, your studies or your assessments, you are entitled to challenge this decision by following the Academic Appeals Procedure.

You will need to:

  • Set up an online account for your application.
  • Seek independent advice from the Independent Advice team.
  • Decide on what grounds you are submitting your appeal.
  • Provide evidence to support your appeal.
  • Write a strong statement to clearly explain how and why the University made an incorrect decision.
  • Ensure your application is received by the Office of Regulation & Compliance (ORC) within 20 working days of the decision being made (in the case of exams, of the results being released).
  • Stay on Action: If a result or decision has prevented you from continuing your studies then you can resume studies on all modules you are not appealing against as soon as ORC confirm receipt of your application.

Please note, if your appeal is granted for an assessment(s), the sit(s) will be disregarded. If you sit an exam after being academically withdrawn and applied for an appeal, papers won’t be marked until the appeal is granted and you are reinstated back onto the course.

Please see the Independent Advice page on Academic Appeals for further details, support available as well as notes on how to apply and what to expect. Please also check the Academic Appeals FAQs and this short video on how to submit an appeal.