9. Change of Programme, Mode or Location

Support on how to change your programme, mode or location of study.
Support on how to change your programme, mode or location of study.

If you are considering changing programme, mode or location, then please see below for guidance and support.

Before making changes to your programme, mode or location, it is advised to speak with a student support officer to discuss the different implications involved with making these changes.

What will I need to consider before changing my programme, mode or location?

Academic restrictions:

  • Do I meet the entry criteria of the new programme?
  • Is there availability on the new programme, mode or location?

Financial implications:

  • Is there a difference in tuition fees? 
  • Will it affect my student loans company funding (if applicable)?
  • Do the payment dates / instalment plan change?

Visa implications:

  • Will it affect my Student visa?

If you wish to discuss these options with the relevant departments, please raise a query through the Student Query Form.

Please also visit the MoPPs and GARs which can be found on your student portal for further regulatory information on changing your programme, mode or location.


How do I make an application?

If you have read all the above and are ready to make an application, please click your student portal below and choose the query type ‘Change to studies' followed by the sub query type 'I want to change my programme, mode or location':

The change of programme, location and mode form is available here.


How do I know if my change request has been approved?

Once your change request has been approved by the relevant departments, it will be sent over to University Central Administration department to process this on your account.

The change request has not taken effect until you have received confirmation from the University Central Administration team via your BPP email.