2. Personal Details

How to update your personal details.
How to update your personal details.

As a student of BPP University you are required to regularly update the University Central Administration Department with any changes to your personal information. This includes changes of address, surname, etc.

How do I update my personal details?

If you are wishing to change your personal details, please see the table below:

Name Hub student query form *
Date of Birth Hub student query form *
Phone Number My Account section on the Hub
Address My Account section on the Hub

*Please note you may be asked to provide evidence with your request.

  • How I access "My Account"?

To update your personal information such as telephone numbers, address information and even ensure your marketing preferences are up to date, please follow the below steps:

- Log into The Hub and go to ‘My Account’ on the left hand side.

- Click on the tiles personal details (contact number) and My Addresses to update your details.


How do I raise a student query?

To raise a student query you must follow the correct link to your platform – VLE Query or Hub Query.

Then please choose “changes to studies or personal details”