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NSS 2024

BPP encourages all eligible students to participate in the National Student Survey, to have their voice heard regarding their time studying with us. The survey is a great opportunity for students to reflect on their experience and provide feedback to improve the university and the student experience, and to help prospective students make an informed decision about their higher education choices.

Every year, over half a million students across the UK are asked to fill out this survey. The survey is their chance to look back at their experience at BPP and speak out and use their voice on everything from the teaching to access to resources and equipment.

We want to know what we can do to improve their student experience, and the best way we can do this is through their feedback.

The survey is opening for responses on the 8th February 2024. Eligible students will soon receive an email from the NSS with their personal link to the survey and further information about what the survey entails. Please note, the survey is completely anonymous.

To encourage eligible students to complete the survey we are offering a £15 Amazon voucher to every student that completes the NSS survey. All they must do is send their ‘completion email’ from the NSS to and we will reply with your voucher! Alongside this, BPP University is offering the following prizes: 2 x £500 of your choice of vouchers to be awarded randomly to students who enter the online survey prize draw before midnight on 31st March 2024. A cash alternative cannot be substituted for the prize.  The winners will be notified by email from on Monday 17th June.  The results will be announced on by Monday 24th June

If they can, we implore students to take some time to fill in the survey. Help us make tangible change and transform and mould BPP into the university we know it can be.

Contact Falak Ali at if you have any questions!

For further information about the NSS, please be sure to check out their website here