4. "Fit to Sit" Policy for Assessments

Learn about the BPP 'Fit to Sit' policy.
Learn about the BPP 'Fit to Sit' policy.
A 'Fit to Sit' declaration will be included in your assessment papers. By attempting the assessment you are declaring fitness to sit and confirming you do not know of any reason, physical or otherwise, which could affect your ability to perform.

If you were unwell or something happened and you start the exam then it will be very difficult to get a chance to do the exam again, because you have agreed with the Fit to Sit policy.

If you start to feel unwell or a serious incident occurs that is likely to affect your ability to take the exam, you need to consider whether you should sit the assessment. Note: You will need to provide evidence.  

The Fit to Sit policy is here.

If you are unable to sit the exam: 

  • If you are feeling ill then see your GP as soon as you can, preferably on the day. Obtain written evidence from them of your appointment, what was diagnosed and if medication was prescribed.You will need this as evidence.
  • Submit a Extenuating Circumstances application – this must be received by the Office of Regulation and Compliance (ORC) team within 10 working days of your exam.